Welcome to Music 4 Life® Drum Circles!

Have you ever played in a drum circle?  If not, you need no experience to fit in and have fun.  Discover what Music 4 Life® members say about their experiences at Music 4 Life® drum circles!

Social worker Lucia tells her story about reaping many health benefits even though she had no experience!

Loan officer Matt tells his story about life transforming from the eyes of his wife and co-workers!

Professional belly dancer Seleucia tells her story about the beat building her life again!

State program officer Hanne tells her story about life changes and her rescue drum!

What is a drum circle?

Music 4 Life® Drum Circles are fun, family friendly events where people celebrate cross-cultural community life through rhythm and music. All abilities are welcome as we connect to the universal language of rhythm known as the “mother tongue.”  Our drum circles  produce spontaneous FUN for all participants with co-operation and collaboration creating our common bond. Music 4 Life® drum circle facilitators create a rhythmical massage for an emotional release with one powerful voice created out of many. Time stops as timeless joy and passion release through the power of rhythm.

Attend the next Music 4 Life® Drum Circle: click here to check the calendar at our main website Music 4 Life®.

Consider scheduling a drum circle into your next special event – staff in-service, wedding, party, or conference! Music 4 Life® trained drum circle facilitators add fun, energetic, insightful interactions to your event. Drums and rhythm instruments are provided for small to larger groups. The large event room at Music 4 Life® – inside Dinosaurs & Roses – is also available.  For more information, contact Music 4 Life®.

Music 4 Life® drum circles have replicated programs at the Remo Recreation Music Center in North Hollywood, CA. Here is a sample of what we are growing into!

Drum Circles – Remo RMC

Drums and rhythm instruments, as well as public drum circle program funding, were  generously provided through seed funding 2011-2012 by REMO Inc.

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