In Memory of Remo Belli (1927-2016)

Jan.Feb08 RemoJPOne sunny day in June 2007 I received the call that Remo Belli wanted to visit me in Las Vegas to see what I was doing. I felt like the U.S. President was descending upon me. Las Vegas is not only home to many teachers and entertainers using Remo drums and drumheads, but it was also Remo’s home in the 1940’s when he played in Las Vegas shows. When he arrived we visited sites where I had music therapy contracts. The most notable site was Child Haven, at the time home to 120 abused and neglected children. Our music therapist Rachel Saines talked to Remo about her work with the children, and said emphatically, “If you could just make drums that are NOT SO LOUD! I’m losing my voice trying to work with these children!”  And ~ voila ~ the Not So Loud Drum series was born, now evolved into Comfort Sound Technology. And Remo Belli harnessed his powerful team of engineers, developers, and Alyssa Janney to create the Aroma Drum Stress Management System partnering with Music 4 Life® to produce the accompanying Stress Brake CD.

There are just two examples of many I have personally experienced, echoing others’ sentiments a million-fold about Remo’s ability to seek out new ways to make a difference in people’s lives all over planet Earth. He truly loved mixing a good time with business, making new friends continuously.  At Music 4 Life® we are grateful for his love, support, and mentoring with the establishment (2011) of the Las Vegas REMO RMC-Recreation Music Center.

“The skies opened and a few percussive minutes of rain, hail and thunder were followed by sunshine as Remo Belli traversed the bounds of this earth and apparently shook up the heavenly choirs with a beat! His beloved wife Ami Belli, MD, said it was as if heaven’s gates opened and Remo started a drum circle!”  — Alyssa Janney, REMO Health Program Development & Marketing Manager

Remo, rest in peace, you earned your gold wings to soar into new frontiers beyond our comprehension.

Judith Pinkerton, LPMT, MT-BC, Founder, Music 4 Life, Inc.

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