Music 4 Life®, HealthSouth Desert Canyon Rehabilitation Hospital, and Walker Elementary School supported drumSTRONG to BEAT OUT CANCER with three drum circle events on May 18, 19 & 20, 2012. $909 was raised with proceeds benefitting The Caring Place in Las Vegas through the national DrumsforCures.org. Over 100 people enjoyed 3-hour drum circles each day with program vignettes, refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.

If you would like to be a vibrant part of beating cancer in drumSTRONG Las Vegas 2013, please contact Judith Pinkerton at 702-889-2881, at judith@music4life.us or Nancy Ignacio at 702-795-5807, Nancy.Ignacio@HealthSouth.com.

Download drumSTRONG flyer 2012.

Become a drum circle sponsor to help us revitalize Las Vegas!  Remo, Inc. believes in the power of drumming and seeded Music 4 Life, Inc. with instruments and program funding 2011-2012.

“Remo, Inc. is delighted to be involved with the activities at Music 4 Life®.  We continue to actively support  the application  of recreational group drumming as an integral component  of an individual’s well-being.  We believe the ongoing activities  offered by Music 4 Life® will most assuredly  prove to make a positive contribution  to the lifestyle  in the Las Vegas area.”                                                                            — Brock Kaericher, President, Remo, Inc.

HealthSouth Desert Canyon Rehabilitation Hospital and Inspiration Behavioral Management fund weekly music therapy sessions that include drumming. ActionRed sponsors free Music 4 Life® drum circles in downtown Las Vegas at 1110 E Fremont Street. The Spirit Within U and Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living provide marketing and larger space for the Community Full Moon Healing Drum Circles.

Music 4 Life® thanks our sponsors for supporting our programs! With your support we are successful!

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Remo, Inc.

HealthSouth Desert Canyon

ActionRed, Las Vegas

The Spirit Within U

Las Vegas Center for Spiritual Living

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