Drum Circle Themes

Music 4 Life® Drum Circles focus on different themes for corporations, families, adults, and children.  Check the Music 4 Life® calendar for descriptions, fees and facilitators. Download the current monthly calendar.

Corporate Team Building

Teams learn to let go of self involvement to build synchronicity. Each person’s expression on the drum is individual, as is their job performance. Playing and working together in a drum circle creates results beyond what any individual can do. New ideas and better team work are generated. Discover the possibility of sounding good with no training which translates into working more effectively together.

How does it work?

Drumming uses different patterns to free up the creative intuitive side of the brain so that people play what they feel rather than over thinking it.

These rhythmic patterns incorporate mental and psychological processes that foster new and better ways of working.

Special rhythmic games provide a specialized corporate drum circle to jump start brainstorming sessions with improvisation and creativity.

End up with increased productivity and harmony!

Music 4 Lifers with Mickey Hart of Grateful Dead Fame

“The Drum Circle is a huge jam session. The ultimate goal is not precise rhythmic articulation or perfection of patterned structure, but the ability to entrain and reach the state of a group mind. It is built on cooperation in the groove, but with little reference to any classic styles. So this is a work in constant progress, a phenomenon of the new rhythm culture emerging here in the West.” — Mickey Hart

Watch the video of Music 4 Lifers creating the “parking lot” experience at Mickey Hart’s concert!

Following are events that occur periodically at Music 4 Life® Center. Check the calendar for descriptions, dates, fees and facilitators.

HealthRHYTHMS Drum Circle


Sacred Rhythms for Grief

Percussion FUN 101

Energy Balancing, Meditating, Drumming

World Beat Drum Circle & Sound Bath

Women’s Drum Circle

Halloween Family Drum Fest & Costume Contests/Prizes

Kids Drumming & Meditation (ages 4-7)

2 Responses to Drum Circle Themes

  1. Ann says:

    Hi I am just curious if you still do the Kids Rhythm Club? I saw an ad in the paper.
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ann – we still provide the Kids Rhythm Club and Family Drum Circle. The next Kids Rhythm Club is March 9, 2013, Saturday at 10:30am. The next Family Drum Circle is 2/23/13 at 2:30pm.

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